Drip defrost or No Frost: which fridge systems are expected to be the best ones?

Contemporary refrigerators are smart devices equipped by multiple functions and therefore such fridges became integral elements of every kitchen.
But those refrigerators demand appropriate maintenance because the more components a fridge consists of the more frequently repair is demanded.
Selecting a fridge, much people pay attention to the type of defrost system. There exist traditional drip defrost and innovative No Frost.
Drip defrost is a system based on water evaporation. Water is being condensed and then flows to a special container where it evaporates. Such system is rather simple and refrigerator repair Staten Island is demanded over 5-7 years of using. But still any breakdowns are usually repaired easily. Among the disadvantages of such system the following ones can be indicated: one side of a fridge is always wet, there is no stable temperature in different parts of a fridge.
Thus, No Frost system is more innovative and therefore more popular. The only disadvantage lies in expensive repair that is demanded over 3-5 years of using depending on a particular model.

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