Useful tips for selecting the most appropriate vanity for bathroom

Less people understand real importance of such bathroom element as vanity but wrong choice may spoil everything: comfort, design, etc. Therefore it is recommended not to hasten but select this element thoroughly taking into account some important criteria. Those criteria are: placement, storage space and design.

While selecting a vanity foremost pay attention on its placement in your bathroom because violating some nuances lead to discomfort appearing. If your bathroom is small only compact vanities will be appropriate. Besides, this furniture should be placed not in the moving area and should not interfere door opening.

Apart from a vanity most people place different shelves and boxes in their bathrooms and all elements should be placed in such a way as to provide access for all partitions.

Storage space depends on the things you plan to put inside the furniture. Vanities may comprise shelves, boxes, cabinets, etc. You should select the most appropriate combination.

This bathroom furniture may be additionally equipped by lighting (including decorative), mirrors, special design element, etc. On the one hand they are useful and look elegant in the interior but on the other hand bathroom vanity Brooklyn with such bonuses is rather expensive.

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